US National Security Advisor John Bolton stated he voiced US concerns over “unfair” Chinese trade practices with Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelensky while speaking to the press in Kiev on Wednesday.

The remarks came after Bolton was questioned on China’s potential acquisition of Ukrainian aerospace company Motor Sich.

“We've laid out our concerns about this question of unfair Chinese trade practices, threats to national security, we see it in the United States,” Bolton said, but affirmed that “it'll be a sovereign decision by the government of Ukraine.”

Bolton went on to comment on US concerns over the Nord Stream-2 pipeline, saying “overdependence on one country as a source for energy resources necessarily risks a dependence on that country, that can be very adverse for the independence of the country involved. So, we are all concerned about the impact of the Nord Stream-2 project from Russia to Denmark and then into Europe.”

“We see a lot of possibilities for supplies of natural gas in particular, from the Caspian, from Azerbaijan, from the huge new fields in the Mediterranean off of Israel, certainly from American LNG that we are now exporting,” Bolton added.

Bolton arrived in Ukraine for an official two-day visit on Tuesday.

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