Nationalist campaign group Veterans Against Terrorism (VAT), made up of former British Armed Forces and their supporters, marched through the streets of Newcastle on Saturday, to protest against "Islamism."

Former service personnel with badges pinned to their chest marched while waving the Union Jack and singing 'Rule Britannia.'

Several speakers voiced their concern regarding the recent upsurge of what they call "Islamist" militant attacks in the UK and demanded action from the government. "This is England. This is our English heritage. Not immigrants, motherland, our kind," stated one VAT protester.

The march passed off peacefully, apart from one incident when on veteran was dragged away by police after a disagreement with the crowd.

VAT was formed by former service personnel shortly after the Manchester Arena bomb attack in 2017. The group has been accused of fostering anti-Muslim and racist sentiment. Indeed, some right-wing, anti-Muslim political organisations, like the English Defence League (EDL), have promoted the march on social media.

Anti-fascists held a counter-demonstration, although both sets of protesters were separated by riot police.

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