Former leader of the English Defence League (EDL) Tommy Robinson gave a series of statements as he was leaving Peterborough Crown Court on Thursday, as his trial against Cambridgeshire Police continues.

Robinson, appearing in court under his real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, accused the police of harassing him, after officers removed him from a Cambridge pub claiming that he was with a group of 'risk' fans, in the presence of his children.

"I think you'll hear from a Luton lead intel officer today, on football hooligans, and I'm pretty sure he'll confirm every point I'm making. I'm not a danger, I'm not a threat. I'm zero risk in football," said Robinson.

Footage of the event that took place on August 2016 has been deleted, the court was told just before the lunch break.

"I'm hoping that the judge gives faith to the British public that what they witnessed in that video - because that video has had millions of views, tens of thousands of comments - many people who don't like me have commented on that video that it's disgusting policing. It's clear that I wasn't a threat to anyone or a danger to anyone," he added.

Robinson also claimed that Cambridgeshire police offered him out of court settlements, which he later turned down. "I want an apology," said Robinson.

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