Protesters gathered for a 'Together Against Antisemitism' - National Solidarity Rally at London's Parliament Square on Sunday to raise awareness of anti-Semitism in the UK. The rally took place just days ahead of the December 12 general elections, and amid widespread discussions over incidents of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party, but organisers described the event as "not political."

"Being a Jew should not be an act of courage, it is not just the rich gifts, the threads that we have sewn into the tapestry of our incredible country. That is not an act of courage. The tragedy is that is how it feels today. That is how it feels to be Jewish. That to be Jewish requires us to be brave," said English criminal barrister and television personality Robert Rinder.

British actress Tracy Ann Oberman said that the "Jewish way" has "always" been to stand against injustice, with and for other minorities, as well as not to look the other way. "Now was ask for the same privilege," she added.

The gathering brought together speakers from different communities to condemn anti-Semitism in Britain. One speaker attacked Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and condemned incidents of anti-Semitism connected with his party.

"The fact is today that the hard left and Islamist extremists actually are working in tandem in a wide variety of areas to put somebody into power that frankly should not be in power," said 'Muslims Against Anti-Semitism' founder Fiyaz Mughal.

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