Police officers fired shots near the Ukrainian Embassy in London on Saturday, after a man rammed a vehicle into another belonging to the ambassador to the UK that was parked outside the building, the Embassy of Ukraine wrote in a statement. The suspect was apprehended and taken to hospital for treatment as a precaution, the London Metropolitan Police wrote in a separate statement.

Footage shows Holland Park street in London, where the Ukrainian Embassy is located, in the aftermath of the incident.

The Ukrainian mission to the UK published a statement on their website, saying that the ambassador's vehicle was deliberately rammed.

"The police were called immediately, and the suspect’s vehicle was blocked up. Nevertheless, despite the police actions, the attacker hit the Ambassador’s car again," reads the statement.

"In response, the police were forced to open fire on the perpetrator’s vehicle. The culprit was apprehended and taken to a police station," it adds.

The London Metropolitan Police wrote in a separate statement that a vehicle was driven at police officers after they arrived at the scene. They then apprehended the man after the discharge of firearms and taser, the statement reads.

The consulates of Greece, Cameroon and Uzbekistan are also located along Holland Park.


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