Outgoing UK Prime Minister Theresa May answered MPs' questions at the House of Commons for the final time in office before heading to Buckingham Palace to formally tender her resignation to the Queen on Wednesday.

During the session, May refused to surrender to various attempts to get her criticise her successor Boris Johnson and expressed her willingness to extend her ''full support to the next Prime Minister as he takes his forward delivering on Brexit and continuing on delivering those Conservative policies."

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn said that Boris Johnson had no mandate and suggested: "The best thing that the right honorable member for Uxbridge could do later on today when he takes office is to call a general election and let the people decide their future.''

''As a party leader who has accepted when her time was up, perhaps the time is now for him to do the same," May said in response to Corbyn as he focused on her failures during the session.

MPs gave May a standing ovation as she left the despatch box for the final time.


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