Members of the German and European Parliaments attempted to see jailed whistleblower Julian Assange at London's Belmarsh Prison on Monday.

Heike Hansel, Ana Miranda and Sevim Dagdalen had scheduled a visit to see the WikiLeaks founder at the Ecuadorean Embassy last Thursday, shortly before Assange was arrested and taken away by the British Police.

The politicians condemned the conduct of Ecuador's government and the United States, warning of the dangerous precedent it sets for journalism based on whistleblowing and uncomfortable truths.

Assange was arrested by British police on Thursday, after Ecuador officially revoked his asylum status and allowed UK police to escort him from the embassy and into custody. "This sets a very dangerous precedent that de-facto imperils journalism, press freedom and protected speech everywhere," said Hansel.

He was then taken to a UK court, where he was found guilty of breaching bail and ordered to remain in custody until an extradition hearing next month.

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