Leader of the Brexit Party Nigel Farage said that "a few much bigger donors, traditionally donors to the Conservative Party" were in talks with his newly formed party, during a press conference in London on Tuesday.

Farage added that these unnamed donors had opened communications "because they understand and realise that to fight a general election seriously, we're gonna need big bucks."

Addressing the question of the current source of the party's funds, Farage said that "over 90 percent of our funding has come in 25-pound sums from members of the public."

Farage announced that his Brexit Party is recruiting candidates for the next British general elections as well as the upcoming European elections.

According to Farage the UK's "political class have behaved despicably," and May and Corbyn are trying "to form a coalition against the people."

The Brexit Party was formed following Farage’s resignation from the UK Independence Party (UKIP), after current leader Gerard Batten, embraced Tommy Robinson and various ‘alt-right’ figures that Farage believed were too extreme.

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Washington Post 21 Aug 2019 22:43 CEST