The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo accused the Chinese Communist Party of presenting the 'central threat of our times' while giving a joint press conference with the UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab in London on Thursday.

Pompeo, began saying that the risk of terrorism in the world was lower thanks to collaboration between the US, the UK and several other partners. He said that other challenges still remained, namely China.

"The Chinese Communist Party presents the central threat to our times," Pompeo told the audience at a Policy Exchange event.

"The Chinese Communist Party under President Xi (Jinping) has made clear that they have an agenda that is not always consistent with the very values Dominic and I have been speaking about this morning", he continued.

The US secretary later commented on continued support for Ukraine ahead of his upcoming visit, and claimed US sanctions against Iran would reduce their capability to carry out attacks.

Pompeo's visit to the UK comes a day ahead of the country's exit from the European Union. He is due to hold talks regarding a future trade relationship with the UK and its decision to allow Chinese tech company Huawei to participate in the 5G high-speed wireless network.

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