Mandatory Credit: DFID - Department for International Development

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has delivered a speech attempting to seal trade deals with Africa in the wake of Brexit in London on Monday.

"Africa is the future and the UK has a huge and active role to play," Johnson said as he assured there would be a "fairer, more equal" system post Brexit that treats people "the same wherever they come from and by putting people before passports." Many believe this will result in stricter immigration criteria.

"More than half the world's 15 fasted growing economies are in Africa. Two thirds of African economies are expanding faster than the global average," he added as he praised Kenya for keeping British people "sane and rational through the day by infusions of Kenyan supplied tea," and highlighted the British government's 53 million Pound investment at the port of Mombasa.

"So from today, the British government will no longer provide any new direct official development assistance, investment, export, credit or trade in motion for thermal coal mining or coal power plants overseas. To put it simply, not another penny of UK tax payer's money will be directly invested in digging up coal or burning it for electricity," he insisted on the topic regarding climate change.

Mandatory Credit: DFID - Department for International Development

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