UK allows China's Huawei limited access to 5G network

On January 28, the British government approved a restricted role for Huawei in building the country's 5G network. The latest decision came nearly a year after the British government said it would mull whether to allow Huawei kit on the nation's 5G infrastructure. Other European countries, including Germany, are also expected to come to a final decision on the issue. European leaders have said that building 5G network could be costlier and slower without Huawei equipment.

Huawei UK has created huge job opportunities for the local community, contributed to the telecommunications sector in the UK and played a positive part in the economic and social progress in this country, the Chinese Ambassador to Britain Liu Xiaoming said at an event in London on January 27 night. China has repeatedly stressed that it had never and will never ask companies or individuals to collect data, information or intelligence in other countries by illegal means.


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