Ugandan Soldiers Fight Destructive Locust Swarms

Soldiers in Uganda are taking on the locust infestation that has been labeled the worst in 25 years as it devastates food supplies in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia.

READ MORE: As desert locusts spread across East Africa, Uganda has deployed its army to battle the all-consuming horde. The pests are laying countless eggs expected to hatch within weeks, raising concerns among farmers the worst is yet to come.

Uganda is the latest East African country battling an invasion of millions of desert locusts after the pests this month crossed the Kenya border.

Thomas Onyango, a farmer in Oringo-Olyech village, awoke one morning to find his garden being consumed.

“Half of the garden, there are no leaves on the cassava. When you check on the pigeon peas, all the leaves are gone, even the fruits that I was expecting to harvest, now they are all down on the ground," said the farmer.

Authorities say about 20 districts so far in northeast Uganda are affected.


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