So here’s what went down. On Tuesday, Kim Kardashian West posted a plandid photo of herself standing in front of a train wearing black leggings, a cropped puffy jacket, and a messy top knot. But it’s where Kim is standing that you need to pay attention to. Kim’s photo is from her family vaca to Japan so Kim captioned the photo: “Train Station in Keyoto”. So what’s the problem? Kim’s caption included a major typo. She spelled Kyoto: K-E-y-o-t-o instead of K-y-o-t-o.

And who was the brave soul that informed Kim that she spelled the Japanese city incorrectly? None other than Kylie’s ex Tyga decided to school Kim on her spelling. He commented on Kim’s pic writing, “KYOTO” in all caps with an asterisk next to it. Should Kim be grateful that Tyga saved her from this embarrassing error? Or is there possibly some shade happening here?

Naturally, we’re gonna go with the shade theory. Why? Well first of all Tyga’s use of the asterisk is questionable, and the fact that he inserted himself into Kim’s mistake in the first place. Second, were pretty sure Tyga and Kylie didn’t remain the best of friends after their breakup. Tyga has been pretty quiet since the birth of Stormi... until recently when he joined Complex’s web series and said QUOTE, “It was a relationship that was in front of the world and that was it… She has her new life and I have my new life.” Third, Tyga’s shade may have included some shameless self promotion because his latest rap album happens to be called KYOTO.

On the flip side, maybe Kim unknowingly shaded Tyga here? She clearly didn’t know his album was named Kyoto, and she probably hasn’t bought it. If she had, Kim would have known how to spell Kyoto. Regardless of Tyga’s motive, it looks like his savage schooling worked because Kim’s caption now includes the correct spelling of Kyoto. So do you guys think Tyga’s comment was intended to be helpful, shady, or a bit of self promotion? We gotta know your opinion on this one so head down to the comment section! After that click here for details on Kim lashing out over Yeezy haters. Once again, I’m your host Renee Shafii thanks so much for tuning in.

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