Turkish Military Convoy Moves to Syrian Border

Turkey deployed more military vehicles and equipment to Syria's Idlib province, Friday, February 21. Footage shared by private IHA news agency shows a truck convoy transporting army tanks and equipment through the town of Hatay on its way to Turkey's southern border.

READ MORE: U.N. agencies report around 3 million civilians are trapped in Idlib, unable to escape to other countries because borders with Syria have been closed. As a consequence, they say most of the displaced are moving into increasingly crowded areas toward the border between Idlib and Turkey.

Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs spokesman Jens Laerke said about one-third or 330,000 of the displaced have fled to nearby areas in northern Aleppo, which also are under fire.

"The frontlines and relentless violence continue to move closer to these areas, which are packed with displaced people, with bombardments increasingly affecting displacement sites and their vicinity. We call for an immediate cease-fire to prevent further suffering and what we fear may end in a bloodbath,” Laerke said.


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