Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged the US to "eliminate" Kurdish militants in Northern Kurdistan, vowing that Turkey will do so if the US does not. Erdogan was speaking from Istanbul on Friday.

Erdogan started by announcing that Turkey had conducted operations against Kurdish militants in northern Iraq, adding that "there will be more to come."

"Why? Because, if there is a threat towards us from those areas — and yes there is — then they [the US] should eliminate those terrorists from that area. If they dont we will do it," vowed Erdogan.

"Yesterday's attack from Tal Afar against our soldiers in Afrin showed how accurate our decision was. This attack proved that the terrorists who were pilling up on our border, would eventually target us," said the Turkish leader.

"It is known that the USA has 22 bases in the region and more than 20,000 trucks of weapons and tools which have been sent to those locations."

"To whom were those weapons sent? To the PKK, to PYD, to YPG. Whenever we capture those things [weapons], we see clearly who sent those things, from where, and for what purposes," Erdogan added.

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