The BMW 750Li in which famous rapper Tupac Shakur was gunned down, was put up for sale by 'Celebrity Cars' in the American city of Las Vegas for $1.75 million (€1.55 million).

The car dealership's General Manager Ryan Hamilton explained why the black sedan is "one-of-a-kind" in an interview on Friday.

"We definitely think it's worth that amount of money. It's a very unique piece," he said.

The car has since been fully-restored, with no bullet holes except for a small indentation.

It had several owners after the police impounded it and auctioned it following the rapper's murder, but documentation proving its history will be provided to reassure any potential buyer.

Tupac was shot four times while waiting at a red light. He died six days later after being held on life support. The official cause of death was respiratory failure and cardiopulmonary arrest, caused by internal bleeding.

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