Eastern Libyan government’s Foreign Minister Abdulhadi Elhuwaij said that his country needs Russia to help in the settlement of the Libyan crisis, talking from Tunis in an exclusive interview to RT on Tuesday.

Elhuwaij called on the Russian President Vladimir Putin to assist in organising meetings between the main political actors in the country, suggesting these meetings could be held in Russia’s Sochi the same way as the Syrian settlement talks have been held in the Black Sea city.

“Russia doesn't have any colonial history in Libya, both countries are connected by long-term historical and political relations. Acting separately or together with the African Union, Russia can become the main player and the honest broker in the Libyan settlement,” Elhuwaij said.

He criticised the UN-backed Government of National Accord based in Tripoli, stating that they should seek dialogue with different political leaders in Libya.

Elhuwaij added that Libya’s biggest problem at the moment is arms proliferation, which is not under his government’s control.

“According to the UN, there are more than 21 million of uncontrolled arms in Libya,” the foreign minister said.

Elhuwaij stated that if the international community “has serious intentions to resolve the Libyan crisis, not to rule it”, it should help to get rid of the illegal arms circulating in the country.

“If arms would be withdrawn and taken under government control, it would be easier to find the way for the national reconciliation,” he concluded.

The UN is due to hold a conference in the central Libyan city of Ghadames between April 14-16 in order to draw up a roadmap for possible elections in the country.

There are currently two governments in Libya - the UN-supported Government of the National Accord in Tripoli, and the eastern government supported by head of the Libyan National Army Khalifa Haftar.


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