A small group of US President Donald Trump and gun rights supporters gathered for a 'God, Guns, And Liberty' rally in Eugene, Saturday, where they faced with with leftist activists who gathered for a counter protest.

Footage from the event shows Trump supporters carrying US flags and open carrying AR15s, handguns, and shotguns as they are confronted by a counter-protest featuring members of the Antifa movement and LGBTQ+ community who chanted slogans against the rally.

Minor arguments also occurred between the two factions with one pro-Trump supporter allegedly being hit in the face by a bottle. Explaining what happened, the woman said "there was a big fight going on and people, we were trying to back out and all of a sudden, ram, right in my face, I did nothing, I said nothing."

The organisers of the rally called it a "patriotic event that will promote God, morality, tradition, the right to self defence and own firearms and carry them."

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