When it comes to traveling the world, the sky’s the limit.

That’s certainly true for this thrill-seeking couple.

Meet Allie and Phil Dunnington.

They may have their feet on the ground in Bristol in the southwest of England, but SWNS reports the adrenaline junkies smashed the world record for countries flown over in a hot air balloon.

The pair recently broke the respective men’s and women’s records in Guyana in South America.

The trip was Allie’s 100th country and Phil’s 124th.

They don’t have official papers declaring them world record holders, but they do have pictures to prove it.

Allie has a digital record from all of her travels.

Phil started flying 40 years ago, before the selfie trend, but he does have all of his travel entries in a book.

They’re sure no other balloonists have that number of 124 countries.

For the best view, they recommend flying over the Alps in the winter or the jungle in Burma.

The goal is to fly over as many countries as possible.

Allie has 20 specific countries on her list but says it’s nearly impossible to do them all.

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