Tornado injures 19 people in Luxembourg

A rare tornado injured 19 people, two of them severely, in Luxembourg, as unseasonal storms hit northern Europe late Friday.

The tornado in the southwestern Luxembourg communities of Pettingen and Kaerjeng left a path of destruction that made up to 100 homes uninhabitable, local media reported Saturday.

Debris and damaged cars were left strewn around the area, while at least four power poles were destroyed.

A local resident of Petingen was in her car on the side of the road when the storm hit and managed to film unbelievable scenes.

Amid debris and rubble, a complete roof of a house was torn and flung into the air less than 100 metres (328 feet) in front of her.

Rubble hit the car and damaged the window, but she remained unharmed.

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CNBC 14 Nov 2019 18:38 CET

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