Tom Cruise has scaled some of the world's tallest buildings, jumped out of helicopters, and attempted life-threatening jumps throughout his action career — but before all that, he was just a scrawny kid with a bully problem.

Tom Cruise went from being a dejected varsity wrestler to a bonafide movie star in less than three years — but how did his evolution from scrawny kid to “Top Gun” superstar happen so fast?

Cruise had a bit of a rough childhood. As a lanky kid with dyslexia, he was prone to getting bullied. He even considered joining the priesthood but was allegedly kicked out of his first year of seminary school for stealing liquor. Back in public school, he started participating in varsity wrestling until a busted knee put him out of commission — which led him to discover his love of acting.

Cruise skipped his high school graduation to move to New York in search of movie roles. The 21-year-old was flying by the seat of his pants but managed to totally dominate the decade with movies like “Top Gun,” “Risky Business,” and “Rain Man.”

The films catapulted him to superstardom, and led to more iconic films like “Interview with a Vampire.” But his involvement with Scientology, his tumultuous marriage to Katie Holmes, and his now infamous interview with Oprah put Cruise in a not-so-favorable light.    

However, he managed to resurrect some of his credibility with “Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.” Cruise did most of his own stunts for the film, as well as its sequels.

Though he might lead an eccentric life, there is definitely no doubting Cruise’s acting chops.

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