#France’s #Gypsies aren’t feeling the love: they complain that a 2018 law, the “Loi Carle” is pricing them out of their traditional travelling existence, and the large-scale migration of impoverished Roma from Eastern Europe is giving new vigour to anti-Gypsy prejudice.

French Gypsy rapper Hénoc Cortes Lopez calls out the discrimination against the Gens du Voyage, as France’s Gypsies are officially known. Korbak, a Gens du voyage activist explains why the Gypsies joined the Yellow Vests protest movement against fuel tax rises. Aurélie Garand, the sister of Angelo Garand who was shot dead by a law-enforcement commando, holds anti-Gens du voyage sentiment responsible for her brother’s over-the-top arrest. Ex-Senator Carle talks about the problems between locals and travellers that led him to seek tighter rules. RTD is also invited by Moldovan Roma into their Northern Paris camp, where the newcomers are trying to make the most of the opportunities afforded by their new home.

Watch the full video here - https://rtd.rt.com/023v0

For more on Gypsies, watch https://rtd.rt.com/02c6

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