From airline tickets to going out to eat, to new excursions, travel can be expensive.

But it doesn’t have to be; especially where you spend most of your time.

These five tips will save you hundreds on vacation rentals.

Take it from INSIDER, U.S. News & World report and Money Talks News.

When looking for vacation rentals, it’s normal to see a nightly or weekly rate, but they aren’t always set in stone.

Reach out to the homeowner or property manager, tell them you’re interested, but you want to see if they can come down in price.

Travel experts say this tends to work during the off-season or if it’s a last-minute booking.

You have the advantage here, since an empty home means the owner gets zero dollars.

If you plan on staying a while, you’re in luck.

Booking for longer periods of time usually means discounted booking rates, so try to be flexible.

Consider staying just outside the city center, since places in the heart of it all almost always have higher nightly and weekly rates.

I know the expression is “go big or go home,” and that’s the problem.

Ask yourself if you really need to book a three-bedroom house if you’re traveling as a couple.

A smaller option will save you money.

If hot tubs, pool tables and home theaters haven’t been your thing in the past, what makes you think you’ll use them now?

Skipping a home with all of the bells and whistles will save you big time.

Giving you more time and money to enjoy your trip.

Because the cost of having your toes in the sand is priceless!

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