Tens of Thousands of Dead Fish Found at Greek Lake

Tens of thousands of dead fish have been found on the banks of a lake in a protected nature reserve in northern Greece. This comes after high temperatures and drought conditions caused a massive drop in water levels. Officials said Thursday the water level at Lake Koroneia has dropped by more than 70% percent in the past three years, to 80 centimeters. The decline triggered the death of carp, sunfish, bleak and other freshwater fish. Biologist Athena Patsia claimed the lack of rain and high temperatures during the summer led to the decline of the water level and oxygen in the water.

Once one of Greece's largest lakes, Koroneia is 30 kilometers east of Greece's second-largest city Thessaloniki. The lake originally spanned 4,500 hectares and has now shrunk to about a third of its original size over the past three decades. (AP)

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