It’s the ultimate story time from Tana Mongeau, who recently put out a video that told us the greatest story of all! She dished on all the dirty details of her personal life and I’ve got to say, Tana can we be friends? Because you have some wild times!What’s up guys it’s Emile Ennis Jr here and if you’ve ever had a burning question that you’ve wanted answered by Tana herself, you might want to tune in because she finally gave fans the answers that we’ve been waiting for all along. Tana released a 23 minute video where she answers 100 of her fans most insane questions.She warned us right in the beginning that some of these questions were going to be really deranged.Like “How good is Noah Cyrus in bed?” or “What’s your bank account balance right now?” or “how many sugar daddies have you had?”That last answer was zero, by the way, but technically 2, even if she didn’t go through with it all the way, but she still has one sugar daddy who she never got the chance to bump nasties with, but still would if she had the chance, but also wouldn’t because he has a kid! Very convoluted, I know… but listen to Tana! And she gave us another warning as well, she’s about to ruin her life with the things she’s about to tell us. And if we didn’t heed her first warning, we knew that she was about to deliver on this promise! Because some of these answers were especially juicy.And though the video seems simple and quick enough, it actually took months of preparation from Tana.She first teased the video on Twitter back in September, when she tweeted “Ask me the juiciest questions you can right now”.And her fans certainly delivered. I know 23 minutes doesn’t seem like a long time to answer 100 questions - that’s basically more than 4 answers a minute.And some of these questions take long, detailed answers.But she made it work! With help from her friend Imari, who did one of these videos of his own the day after Tana posted hers. Tana’s own video started off strong, with the first question being “What are all of your friends worst personality traits”.And Tana went right into it! Saying examples like “Imari doesn’t love me as much as I love him”.But she didn’t mention Jake! But don’t worry, she gets to Jake later on in the video.Like, almost immediately after with the question “What would you say to people who think you’re too young to be married?” But, uh, there’s a catch.She says that she definitely does not want a baby, like ever. But she might consider trading in her current babe, Jake, for a new one - namely, David Dobrik.Watch out Jake. You’ve got competition! In case any of you wanted to get Tana some shoes for Christmas, she’s a size 8 and a half! She says she’s going to record a new song soon - as soon as she gets over her tuberculosis.And if you’re more of a fan of her television ventures than you are her music career, we’ve got good news for you too. She says there’s going to be another season of her show Tana Turns 21, and maybe even a spin-off.I mean, any sequel would be a spin-off, right? Unless there’s a whole other season of Tana celebrating her 21st birthday! And I think we’ve seen enough of that already. And without really getting into THAT bombshell more, they move on to other questions about Jake. Turns out, she actually DID confront him about his encounter with Erika Costell after their supposed lunch rendezvous a few months back. And when she says that she actually does love him, I believe her!But when someone asked if she would ever become exclusive with Jake, she said that probably isn’t in the cards.She also pointed out things that her fans do that annoy her or freak her out, like when they show up at places that she is and try to watch her. She says her pet peeve is water, somehow! And she gave some love to Shane Dawson, saying that he is the nicest Youtuber that she has ever met.But in a heartbreaking revelation, Tana concluded her 100 questions by telling us that she’s over her catchphrase “dizzy”, but feels like she has to keep using it because even Paris Hilton says it!But you know, it’s been a few days now and Tana hasn’t found herself in any sort of scandal that she thought this video would bring! It goes to show that as long as you’re open and honest, there’s nothing to be afraid of. People can talk and say what they’d like, but if you’re comfortable with yourself, that’s all that matters.

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