Tana Mongeau EXPOSES MTV!!!

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As new episodes of Tana Mongeau’s MTV reality show drop on YouTube, the backlash at Tana has continued to pour in. And while usually Tana isn’t bothered by haters, she just called out MTV for editing the videos in a way to make her look bad.

Just last week, viewers criticized her for how she was handling her asthma diagnosis.

Tana went to a lung specialist and had a variety of tests done due to her severe coughing, but she was pretty dismissive of her manager Jordan when he was trying to help her get the info she needed from the doctor.

And once it was time to leave the doctor’s office, it was clear Tana wasn’t too worried about her asthma diagnosis.

Fans took to Twitter to share their stories with asthma to warn Tana that it can be more serious than she might think, especially with everything goin

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