Hundreds accompanied 21 dead Kurds to their last resting place in Avesta Khabur cemetary in Afrin on Wednesday, as Turkish-led 'Olive Branch Operation' against Kurdish-held Afrin continue to escalate.

SOT, Haidar Mohammed, administrative Director of Afrin Hospital (Kurdish): "Afrin hospital has received 405 wounded from the entire area of Afrin and 157 were killed. A taxi driver was killed in front of the hospital, one seriously wounded and three wounded. This is all the information within 26 days of the campaign against the city of Afrin."

SOT, Hevi Othman, member of the Women's Star Association in Afrin (Kurdish): "We tell Erdogan that he cannot walk on the dust of Afrin, because the dust of this city is for the people, our children and our ancestors here, and those who defend us now are our sons and the sons of the city of Afrin."

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