Damascus residents denounced US President Donald Trump's statement to recognise Israeli sovereignty over the occupied Golan Heights, on Friday.

"Trump's latest tweet is meaningless to the Syrians, it is not to be taken into consideration, because the true legitimacy of a land is stated by the UN," said Majed. "All states in the world affirm the right of people in their land. Us, Syrians, shall not surrender our land whether Trump consents or not. This is a Syrian Arab occupied land."

"Golan is a Syrian land. We used to teach our children that Golan is a Syrian land although it is occupied. We would not surrender a goal or a land of us just by a tweet or an American resolution," said Noura.

Mohammad Kheir Akkam, member of Syrian People's Assembly, was also critical of Trump's remarks.

"The Trump administration sides with Netanyahu in the forthcoming elections. [The statement] asserts that the Trump administration wants to exploit time - so to speak - for it lost the war in Syria," said he.

"This terroristic war in Syria led to conjure the Iranian and Russian parties into Syria, so, [Trump administration] is expressing its rejection to any settlement Russia is leading in the region, thus, with an agreement with the Zionist entity [Trump statements] were released at this time, in addition to that [Trump administration] wants to hold a deal regarding the Iranian presence throughout any forthcoming settlement related to Golan Heights [which is] occupied by the Zionist entity."

On Thursday, Trump posted a statement on Twitter, saying that the US would recognise Israel's illegal occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights, a territory the Israeli state captured from Syria in 1967.

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