Armed opposition forces are responsible for an attack on a humanitarian convoy carrying Syrian civilians to a border-crossing out of Eastern Ghouta, stated the spokesperson of the Russian Centre for Syrian reconciliation Yury Yevtushenko, at a press briefing in Damascus on Thursday.

SOT, Yury Yevtushenko, spokesperson of the Russian Centre for Syrian reconciliation (Russian): "Today, the Syrian authorities opened the additional Mleha-Dzisreyn border crossing point for the release of civilians from these settlements. When civilians moved towards the checkpoint, militants of the Faylak Al-Rahman armed group shot them, burned three cars, and there are dead and wounded. At 17:00, they fired mortars at the checkpoint itself. Illegal armed groups intensified repressive measures against the population and increased the intensity of shelling at the checkpoint near the settlement Mukhaym Al-Vafedin. The fire is also being fought during the "humanitarian breaks", and because of that, no one has managed to leave the enclave at the border crossing point at the moment. Concerning the frequent shelling of government troops at the humanitarian corridor by the Jabhat al-Nusra militants, international humanitarian organisations, in cooperation with the Syrian authorities, decided to postpone the humanitarian convoy planned for the morning of March 8 to the settlement of Duma at a later date. Humanitarian assistance to residents of East Hut will be resumed after the stabilisation of the situation."

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