There’s no beef between meat eaters and plant-based burgers.

95% of folks who bought a plant-based burger in the last year aren’t vegetarians.

Take it from a recent report by market research firm the NPD Group.

228 million servings of veggie burgers were sold last year.

That’s up 10% from a year ago.

It’s because national chains are taking a bite out of the plant-based market.

Think Burger King and White Castle.

Plant-based burgers are made to look, taste and “bleed” like real meat.

But consumers still love the real thing.

Beef burgers are by far the most popular choice with 6.4 billion ordered last year from quick service restaurants.

Clearly, there’s room to grow for the plant-based market.

NPD Group says consumers go plant-based for more protein in their diets, they’re worried about animal welfare, sustainability and want healthier options.

But some nutritionists say plant-based burgers aren’t always healthier, especially if you add fries with that!

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