The scientifically-researched Supersopa (Supersoup in English) has garnered worldwide attention for tackling the lack of nutrition amongst some of the poorest sectors in society.

The team behind the simple and nutritious dish took Ruptly on a tour of the factory the National University of Quilmes in Bernal on Tuesday.

Since its creation 16 years ago, the project has sought to address malnutrition and undernourishment for poverty-stricken Argentinians by taking a home recipe and producing it on an industrial scale at low cost.

The tinned soup is prepared to dilute and contains several vegetables as a base. It comes in a variety of flavours and scientific researchers are involved in the process from start to finish, as the plant's Director Carolina Reid made clear.

Supersopa's orders have increased as the economic crisis deepened over the past two years, something the Department of Science and Technology Director Alejandra Zinni is well aware of.

While earlier this month a delegation from the Democratic Republic of Congo visited the Supersopa plant. Interest was also shown by diplomats from Denmark, Chile, Haiti, Anglo and Mozambique in recent years.

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