When it’s time to retire, do as the college kids do.

I’m not talking about partying on the beach.

I’m talking about moving in to their neck of the woods.

Here are 5 reasons college towns are great places to retire.

Retirement communities are where you’ll likely find people at the same stage of life as you without much diversity.

MarketWatch points out that college towns draw students and professors from all over the world.

They’re also more likely to have international restaurants and unique food choices in the grocery store.

College towns are usually cheap.

Home and condo prices can be more affordable in a college town than in a major city, according to U.S. News & World Report.

Just know that prices range and make sure you’re OK with younger neighbors.

Small towns and isolated communities sometimes don’t have the best health care options for seniors.

Not the case in college towns.

MarketWatch says they’re more likely to have better hospitals, clinics and specialists.

What appeals to 18-22-year-olds also appeals to the older crowd; everything is compacted, according to AARP.

I’m talking about walkable neighborhoods, rows of shops and restaurants and reliable public transportation.

Small towns get a bad rap for having nothing to do.

But college towns will always have something going on from sports games to theater productions and concerts.

Not a bad idea for your second act of life!

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