Thaua Paulista became a hit on the streets of Sao Paulo for his unique way of selling water at the traffic lights: wearing a suit and a tie. Footage shot on Sunday, shows Paulista zigzagging through the dangerous traffic marketing his cold water bottles to waiting drivers.

"Mineral water, cold water," shouts Thaua every time the traffic light turns red. The idea of dressing as a waiter came after a taxi driver refused to buy the water because the bottle was too wet.

And it worked. Thaua now makes more money than if he worked as a waiter in a restaurant. "They don't pay what I make here," said Thaua.

He added that the downside of such a job is not having labour rights and facing the dangers of finding his way between the cars and bikes in the pollution and hectic traffic of Sao Paulo.

"We don't have life insurance - if we get run over -, we don't have a good health environment [at the workplace], seeing that the pollution here is very strong," he added.

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CBC News 21 Oct 2019 02:39 CEST

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