Streets were empty and some businesses and banks were still closed in Khartoum on Monday, as citizens continued their general strike started on Sunday in an effort to keep pressure on Sudan's ruling military council to hand over power to civilians.

Many taking part in the civil disobedience action think the strike is proving successful, as shop owner Abdullah Mohammad al-Bashir said: "The sit-in is 100 percent successful, first all big trade centres are closed. I am a merchant. There are five percent of local market shops opened, this means that the local market is fully closed, in addition to the public shops."

Some strikers are willing to continue their action indefinitely, if necessary, as explained by resident Yousef Fat'h Al-Rahman al-Araki: "All people must join the sit-in. Hopefully will be successful. We are going to make pressure a thousand and a thousand times on the Military Council until it surrenders. We shall keep on pressing, and this sit-in is successful, down with you for the second and the tenth time! We made it fall two times, and we will make it fall for the third and fourth time. This is it, a disobedience for lifetime."

The Rapid Support Forces were allegedly seen in the streets, urging residents to stay inside, according to another local.

"The streets were completely empty along with a high presence of Rapid Support Forces, a gun-car used for shooting bullets. They were showing off, telling people to stay inside, those arrested were lashed or they must shave their hair or other deeds, so people were really in tension until the following day", said Othman Mohammad, who also acknowledged that fewer people took part in the protest on Monday, as the working classes "have only what they earn daily, so they went to work."

The action, which started on Sunday, was called by opposition groups and came after last Monday's military crackdown in the country.

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