Struggling Beto Looks Desperate

Beto O'Rourke's Presidential campaign is on life support and everyone knows it.

On the trail, the Presidential candidate reeks of desperation to become President.

Politico reports that in March he entered the presidential race amid soaring expectations.

His biggest liability was a lack of self-awareness.

He came off as arrogant, privileged, and tone-deaf when he told Vanity Fair he was "born to be in it."

He sank in public opinion polls.

He watched his fundraising fall off.

He drifted throughout the early stages of the primary, overwhelmed by a field of more experienced competitors.

He was summarily called out for stealing Cory Booker's gun buy-back policy and claiming it as his own.

Last week he caused a stir when he said churches would lose tax exempt status for anti-gay marriage stances.

The policy has been roundly decimated by politicians, activists, clergy, and non-profit groups.

Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg slammed the policy as over reaching and unconstitutional.

Some political analysts expect him to drop put before the primary elections begin.

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