If a free trip to Jamaica sounds nice, Virgin Holidays has got your back.

Hopefully you’ve been a solid barback before.

The free trip is being offered to anyone willing to serve drinks at the famous Floyd’s Pelican Bar in the Caribbean for a week.

The island bar sits on stilts 1 mile off the coast of Jamaica.

Virgin Holidays reps say the owner hasn’t had a break in nearly 18 years.

Your job is to serve drinks in his place.

Virgin Holidays will cover flights and accommodation for 7 nights.

Unfortunately, it’s only for residents of the U.K.

You must be 18+ and currently work in a bar or pub.

The right winner will get to pull pints in paradise or stir it up like fellow Jamaican, Bob Marley.

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MSNBC 19 Aug 2019 23:32 CEST

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