Clashes broke out in Hebron on Monday between Israeli forces and Palestinian demonstrators, as the latter were protesting new illegal Israeli settlement plans in the West Bank city.

The confrontations took place as Palestinian shops and businesses responded to Fatah's call for a general strike on Monday.

Footage shows protesters burning tyres and throwing projectiles at armed and shielded Israeli forces.

Closed shops could be seen amid the strike, which, according to Fatah official Imad Kharwat, aims at sending "a message to the Israeli occupation army that this governorate will not allow in any way the establishment of a settlement outpost in the city."

According to reports, Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett approved on December 1 the new settlement project, under which 70 apartments will be built on the site of a wholesale market used by Palestinians.

Palestinian officials have condemned the Israeli plans, claiming that they are a result of US President Donald Trump's announcement on November 18 to no longer recognise Israeli settlements as "inconsistent with international law."

Some 215,452 Palestinians live in Hebron, the West Bank's largest city, along with between 500 and 850 Jewish settlers who dwell largely in or near the city's old quarter.

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