Palestinian air defences intercepted missiles as the Israeli military launched airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Sunday, as violence escalated following the release of a video showing an Israeli bulldozer carrying a dead protester.

Footage shows some missiles being intercepted by Palestinian air defence while others seem to strike the ground.

The Israeli military announced striking several targets of Palestinian group Islamic Jihad in Gaza and near the Syrian capital Damascus, in what they say was a response to earlier shelling on Israeli territory from Gaza.

Four people were reportedly wounded in the airstrikes in Gaza, while Islamic Jihad's armed forces confirmed that two of their members were killed in Israeli airstrikes in Damascus.

Earlier on Sunday, a video widely shared on social media sparked outrage in Palestinians as it purportedly showed an Israeli military bulldozer approaching and moving the dead body of a Palestinian protester towards a separation fence of the Gaza border. Initial reports indicate that the body was "confiscated" by Israeli forces.

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