A funeral was held in the city of Khan Younis, Gaza Strip, for a Palestinian farmer who was reportedly shot dead by Israeli forces, Sunday.

According to Palestinian officials, 59-year-old Mohammed Ata Abdel Mawla Abu Jame was shot in the back by Israeli troops while he was working on his land at the Gaza Strip border. Israeli forces, however, claim that the man approached a "restricted zone" and was shot at before running away, after allegedly not having reacted to "warning shots [fired] into the air."

"They want the Palestinian people to be destroyed. We ask the Red Cross to find a solution for us. We want our rights. They have to protect us. The Red Cross gave us the right to use that land for planting. So, they must protect us from the Israeli army," said Aisha Abu Jame'e, a relative of the farmer, when commenting on the incident.

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