A Palestinian dentist has spoken out after allegedly receiving death threats following his treatment of two Israeli settlers who were stabbed near his surgery in Qalqilya in West Bank, on Wednesday.

Amin Mansour‏ had rushed to the Israelis' aid after they were reportedly stabbed by a 16-year-old Palestinian as they were en route to his dentistry.

"We are Arabs and we hold Arab ethics and it is not permissible to do so with the guests, as the Prophet, Peace be upon him, said," stated Mansour who likened his treatment of Israeli patients to Holy Prophet's treatment of one of his biggest foes Abu Sufyan.

"It is my duty as a human being in the first place and not for money, to provide the care needed to the patient, and to relieve any pain," added Mansour.

Mansour has been regularly treating Russian-speaking Jewish patients due to his mastery of the language.

The two Israelis settlers, 60-year-old Yosef Perez and his son 16-year-old Liber Perez, were reportedly attacked by the Palestinian teenager after he asked if they were Jews.

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