Thousands of pro-Spanish unity protesters demonstrated against acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's push to head a new coalition government, in Madrid on Saturday. The protest took place during the ongoing investiture debate at the Congress of Deputies.

Protesters, who marched towards the parliament, described Sanchez, of the Socialist Party PSOE, as a "traitor" and called for the unity of Spain.

Sanchez would ned a simple majority to win a second vote due in parliament next week, if as expected he fails to secure an overall majority on Sunday. The voting begins after the investiture debate that's taking place over the weekend. Sanchez's chances increased after the Catalan Republican Left party (ERC) decided to abstain at the investiture vote, making at least the simple majority more likely.

Sanchez agreed to form a future coalition with Unidas Podemos. He will be sworn into office should he win one of the votes and immediately form his cabinet which will include members of the PSOE and Podemos. However, the two parties would still require the support of smaller parties in order to push legislation through parliament since they don't command a majority even as a joint force


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