Farmers in orange vests protested against tariff-free imports of oranges to the European Union, outside the European Commission seat in Madrid on Tuesday, which has seen them being forced to sell their oranges for as little as 9 cents a kilo.

The protesters exhibited numerous banners and placards denouncing the issue and demanding that the Spanish government protects its farmers.

"They are bringing oranges from other countries. I think that the globalization is okay, but I ask: is Spain in Europe? Because Europeans do not remember the problems that the southern countries of the European community have," said Raimundo, a farmer.

Spanish farmers claim they faced around €150 million in losses last year due to foreign competition, particularly as a result of a trade deal signed by Brussels and South Africa in 2017. The agreement stipulates that oranges can be imported from South Africa to Europe tariff-free and without being bound by the stringent controls that Spanish producers have to uphold.

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