Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane expressed admiration for Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba amid reports the French star is sounding out a move to the Spanish club side this summer. Zidane made the remarks at a press conference in the Spanish capital on Saturday, one day before his side's La Liga match against Huesca.

"I like him [Paul Pogba] a lot and that's nothing new," said the Frenchman. "I know him personally, the player is truly different, he is truly someone who contributes things that few can do, for his qualities," he added.

Zidane also wished a happy birthday to club captain Sergio Ramos.

"I believe Sergio [Ramos] is our captain, our leader, and this is his home. He is going to play for many years, many more years than me, for sure, he takes care of himself, he is a very good professional, he is a fundamental player for this team and for this club," said Zidane.

He also spoke about the injury situation with goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois saying that the player "is not well, that's why he has not trained, it's the right rectus femoral, he has discomfort, we will see him now, with the doctors, we will see the time he is going to be left out, but as always, I, above all as a coach, will not risk a player who has some discomfort."

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NBA 17 Oct 2019 05:43 CEST