Muslims of Granada gave their thoughts on a protest organised by Catholics against their decision to hold fast breaking celebrations for Ramadan next to a statue of the Virgin Mary in one of the city's park a few days earlier.

SOT, Muslim from Granada (Spanish): "This little group of Christians does not represent the entire Catholic community. It would be a mistake to think that [the prayer] was a provocation; it would be continuing to play into ignorant games. In fact, this act was to explain to everybody the culture of Islam."

SOT, Muslim from Granada (Spanish): "The clash is just a question of ignorance; a question about 'don't know why they are doing this.' The way to fight the ignorance is culture and information. That's the way."

SOT, Muslim woman, member of organising group of the Ramadan prayer (Spanish): "We don't want to revindicate anything with the selection of the site [for the prayer]. We chose this site because it's a central park in Granada and a very big place to share with all the people who accepted our invitation to join."

SOT, Muslim woman, member of organising group of the Ramadan prayer (Spanish): "In my opinion, we should not generalise. It was a little group without the support of the Catholic Church administrators. It shows there is a long way to arrive to the full coexistence."

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