A Spanish company called Indianes Footwear based in Barcelona is producing eco-friendly shoes from banana fibres sourced from a banana camp in Colombia. This sustainable venture is the brainchild of Ivan Rojas and Diana Feliu.

"The banana fibre has a really special characteristic, it's agricultural waste, it comes from a process that takes place every year when the plant must be cut to grow a new one. In this process, millions of plant stems are produced which the farmers of the regions don't use or in the worst case are burned. At Indianes we saw the opportunity to use this waste and turn it into a technical and useful material to make shoes," said Rojas at his offices in Barcelona.

"It will take, when buried, about two years to decompose without any chemical or anything harmful for the Earth."

The shoes are designed in Barcelona, manufactured at a factory in Alicante, while the raw material of the banana fibre is harvested by 60 farmer-cum-artisans in the Hulia region, in Colombia.

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