Move over avocado on toast, Malaga baker Juan Manuel Moreno has created a new product sure to bankrupt all but the super rich: bread made with real gold.

Moreno's lavish bread recipe includes one gram of gold and one gram of silver, and costs 1,380 euros (1,530 US dollars) per piece. It is considered to be the most expensive loaf of bread in the world.

Footage filmed in his bakery on Tuesday shows Juan Manuel preparing to make a 400 gram loaf of the extraordinarily expensive 'Golden Bread'.

Moreno explained that his product is only available to the wealthy, as the "bread is expensive because its ingredients are more selective, they are more exclusive. And it has very valuable ingredients."

Moreno's company sends its pricey products to customers across the globe, including in the United Arab Emirates, United States, China, and Russia. If you're curious - and have the cash - you can also purchase the 'Golden Bread' in Moreno's Pan Piña bakery in Malaga.

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