Southwest, the low-cost airline passengers love could see prices heading north.

It’s all because Southwest’s CEO recently said the company is looking for more ways to make money.

But he didn’t share many details.

One thing we do know, according to Bloomberg, Southwest won’t be copying other airlines that charge for things like assigned seats, checked bags and reservation changes.

Since the rest is up in the air, it’s been a guessing game down on the street.

Here are the likely outcomes, according to travel and financial experts Bloomberg and Business Insider spoke with.

The no-frills airline is famous for its coach cabins and no assigned seats.

But it does have different fare categories, like Business Select where passengers get a free drink and a few other perks.

One thought is that Southwest could provide all of this for a higher price.

The extras could be included in fare categories or sold separately.

Like having passengers pay extra for priority screening or to get their baggage first after landing.

Speaking of first, Southwest is famous for not having first of business class.

But another idea is to charge extra for guaranteed access to the first couple of rows near the front of the plane.

For passengers, that could mean last to board, but first off the plane perks with dedicated overhead bin space.

Another move might be not allowing passengers to use the amount paid on a canceled ticket toward another flight.

It usually pays to be cheap, but pretty soon, it could cost you!

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