For having an early wake-up call, these two badgers look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

This one seems rather prickly about the whole thing.

Nature’s alarm clock went off early in Siberia.

The warm weather woke two young badgers after winter slumber in Irkutsk.

That means early spring is expected.

The local zoo says the badgers woke up weeks earlier than expected.

They’re usually asleep until the end of February.

But 35 degrees Fahrenheit must have felt balmy compared to the same day last year, when it was -11.

But they’re the young guns and were ready to have some playtime.

A zoo staffer says the older badgers are still sleeping and will wake up slower.

The badgers aren’t the only ones to forecast an early spring.

Rambo the hedgehog recently came out of his shelter during an annual weather prediction event.

According to local media reports, he’s usually a good meteorologist.

Unlike Punxsutawney Phil here in the states.


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