Shots Fired in Haitian Senate, at Least 2 Wounded

A Haiti senator fired a pistol during a confrontation with opposition protesters outside Haiti’s Senate, wounding an Associated Press photographer, Monday, September 23.

READ MORE: At least two people were wounded when shots were fired in the yard of the Haitian Senate Monday. Eyewitnesses say a senator wielded the gun that shot the victims, as the Senate was readying a vote to confirm the prime minister designate, Fritz William Michel.

Witnesses said that shooter was Senator Ralph Fethiere.

Among those wounded is an AP photojournalist who spoke to VOA Creole.

"I was shot in the jaw," Chery Dieu Nalio said, holding a cloth to stop the bleeding as he walked toward the exit. "I'm going to the hospital now."


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VOA News 16 Oct 2019 17:37 CEST

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