It’s one of the most wonderful days of the year – no I don’t mean Christmas or National Chicken Wing Day, that particular holiday was last month. It’s Shawn Mendes’s birthday!

And it’s not just any birthday – It’s Shawn Mendes’s 21st birthday! What’s up guys it’s Sussan Mourad here with Clevver News.

So since Shawn is Canadian this probably isn’t as significant a birthday milestone as it is for someone in the US. You know cause once you turn 21 in the US you can legally TURN UP!

BUT still it would be a missed opportunity to pass up on celebrating Shawn Mendes in all of his 21 years of glory! So in honor of 21… we are recounting Shawn’s thirstiest moments, and guys, we mean like, literally thirsty here. Okay?

Since Emile isn’t here… let’s kick it off with this

First we’re gonna start with a thirsty throwback.

Here’s Shawn at Universal Studios – drinking a butterbeer in a flying car

He even says ‘don’t drink and drive’! Law-abiding KING!

Thirsty on Snapchat? Who isn’t! Here’s Shawn before plastic straws were banned

The legal drinking age in Japan is 20, so I guess when Shawn got lost there last year he was allowed to do this thirsty whiskey ad

And here he is doing spon con for boxed water. Thirsty AND environmentally friendly? Honestly, I don’t know a better person.

Okay okay, I know why you’re actually here. You’re looking for thirsty Shawn Mendes pics like HOT Shawn Mendes pics. Well don’t worry because I won’t disappoint you anymore.

And speaking of hot – here’s shawn mendes eating some hot wings and washing it down with milk

Ok, now that’s making me really thirsty.

So cheers to you Shawn Mendes and Happy 21st Birthday!

Yes, this was all fun and games, so don’t @ me in the comments, but rather drop Shawn a line and wish him a happy birthday and let us know your favorite thirstiest Shawn Mendes moment! And I’m talking thirsty, like this thirsty, not that thirsty, because our Shawn is NEVER thirsty, ok? Confused? Yeah me too.

If we get enough comments we’ll print them out and mail them to him just in time for his next birthday

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